Motivational Speaking

& Educational Services

From being born with a deformed right leg to racing motocross as a teenager, getting paralyzed at 17 to working as an engineer on a NASCAR team at 25, Winkler Industries, LLC founder Joshua Winkler has never let anything stand in the way of living his dreams.

  • Motivational Speaking
    • Overcoming Adversity
    • Benefits of Higher Education
    • Disability Advocacy
  • Disability Education
    • Social Security and Medicaid
    • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Disability Rights
    • Working while Disabled
  • Engineering Education
    • General Engineering & Math
      • Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations
      • Statics and Rigid Body Dynamics
      • Stress, Strain, and Finite Element Analysis
      • Thermodynamics
    • Automotive Engineering
      • Kinematics
      • Tire Analysis
      • Testing Methods